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St. Czar Lazar the Great Martyr


About the Saint: Czar (Tsar) Lazar of Kosovo was a Serbian Prince who went to battle to preserve Christianity in the Kingdom of Serbia.  On June 15,/28, 1389, his entire army first went to Holy Communion, then to the battlefield to ward off the invading Muslim Turks. They were grossly defeated and Czar Lazar was beheaded.  Thus, the Serbs were kept under Turkish rule for almost 500 years. They were finally liberated in 1817.  Kosovo remained part of Serbia until recently, when the Kosovo region was once again claimed by the Albanian Muslims on February 17, 2008.

Czar Lazar is glorified as a martyred saint in the Orthodox Church.  His feast day went down in history as Vidovdan, as June 15/28 was also previously dedicated to St. Vitus.


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