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Srecna Slava 11 3/4" Round Bamboo Charcuterie/Cutting/Grazing Board


This 11 3/4" round bamboo cutting board is engraved with the customary Slava greetings, Срећна Слава (Srecna Slava- Happy Slava), then treated it with food grade mineral oil.

This item ships in about 2 business days.


Benefits of Bamboo Cutting Boards

  • Bamboo, is considered a grass- and not wood- and makes an excellent cutting board
  • The fact that it grows quickly makes it a renewable and a great choice for the eco-conscious
  • Bamboo is similar to wood in that it’s still porous but is harder than wood
  • Bamboo cutting boards are great for chopping veggies, slicing up meat or serving appetizers
  • Bamboo is denser than maple, walnut and cherry and less porous so it will not stain as easily and be able to resist staining from meats and certain types of vegetables
  • Bamboo resists water absorption, therefore, it isn't likely to split or crack like a standard wooden cutting board
  • Bamboo is a low maintenance material
  • Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial and a green, renewable and eco-friendly resource