All made-on-demand icons are printed in proportion to the originals, which may result in some areas being cropped out, depending on which format you choose. We include as much of the original image as possible.

Pick-Your-Saint 8 1/4" Porcelain Icon Plate with 24K Gold Trim w/ Slava Song


This high quality white porcelain plate measures 8 1/4" in diameter and boasts 24 kt Gold Trim, with an icon of your choice and the text for Svjati Mučenici, which is sung while the kolach is turned in a circle by the family and priest.

By using our Excel Glaze™ to seal the photo to any one of our many charming products, the clarity of the image is not only increased, but the colors become much more vibrant. Our Excel Glaze™ is guaranteed to remain crystal clear; creating a product that will last for generations to come. Plates are not for use with food; wipe clean with a damp cloth.

All plates are shipped with a plastic display stand. To be used with a kolach, it is recommended that you place a doily between the plate and bread.

This set ships usually within 5 business days.