Need help choosing a gift?  
Use this handy Gift Guide with tips and gift suggestions for all occasions.
For personalized help, call or Live Chat us and we'll be happy to walk you through your selection process. 


BAPTISM/NEW BABY-   For baptism/new baby gifts we suggest jewelry, picture frames, personalized baby clothing/blankets, or icons (of the guardian angel or patron saint).

ADULT CONVERSION-   We suggest an icon of the Conversion of St. Paul, the Guardian Angel, the person's patron saint or the feast day on which they convert.

NATIVITY OF OUR LORD (CHRISTMAS)-   Although it seems obvious that every Orthodox family would have a Nativity Icon (even before a tree), it's sad to note that many do not.  We suggest a Nativity Icon or Triptych, or an icon ornament- with styles to fit all price ranges.

-  We recommend a personalized Pascha Basket, Basket Cover or an icon of the Resurrection.

-   "What is a nice Slava gift?" may be the most common question we are asked in our Live Chat.  We suggest something made in the theme of the saint (icon, keychain, puzzle, etc.) or a Serbian embroidered gift (towel, slava cloth, etc.) For a casual acquaintances you would want to spend $25-30; for closer friends, spending around $40 is common.

-  We sell a lot of Wedding at Cana icons for these occasions. We also suggest personalized items such as embroidered linens or champaign flutes.  Many items can be personalized in ANY language.